ABF girls weekend!!/ Bookworm box signing!!

I’m in a book club. Did I ever tell you guys that? Well, I am. We call ourselves the Crazy Book Bitches, because, duh, we’re all crazy in our own ways.  This past ABF was the 3rd annual and also our book clubs 3rd annual book club weekend! However, we were down a few members this trip. Yeah, I’m looking at you Jamie, Yara, Karina and Natalie. *sigh* So our crazy wasn’t as crazy, but it was still at a high level.

Here’s a photo from the first ABF and our first outing. LOL!


Every since last year I’ve had issues with elevators when I travel. Something crazy/funny always happens when I’m in one. Like at Holidays with the Belles when RD Berg almost got her braids stuck in the closing doors for a Finial destination type scene. Leighton Riley saved her, soooo….

Anyways, this year at ABF was no different. Did you follow me on SnapChat? Omg, you totally should. Last weekend was gold, – PURE COMEDY GOLD!

We rented a house in Austin that was down the street from the hotel. It. Was. Awesome! Totally recommend AirBnb for stays.

The following weekend Colleen Hoover had a book signing at the Bookworm Box called Authors with Heart and it was so awesome! I got to meet Stacy Kestwick, which you should know, I love her! Day made. Read WET by Stacy, because Soaked comes out on 3/22 and you’ll thank me. Go on…..


I also go to see some friends that I only see at signings! Like Shannon, Amy,  Kim Holden, Kathryn Perez, Alicia Meza, Yara Greenhouse and Karina!

10631064_10156603472880103_7874351327383882780_o 12828456_10156615175325103_5378627568253587986_o


I love the book world. You people, are MY people. Thank you for always being the most amazing humans i’ve ever met! Until next time!


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