I blame it all on Writers Block… that’s legit right?



If you’re reading this, you may, kinda, sorta, like me. Or have read my books. Therefore, you’re probably wondering why in the heck I haven’t published anything in the last 5, now almost 6 months and what I’m working on. If it’s crossed your mind, then your reading the right blog post.

I truly thought I’d have published at least one book by June, to be honest. I put so much pressure on myself and in doing so, my writing suffered. Since the end of December I’ve been working on a story that’s very close to my heart called, Unsteady. This story has grown so much over the past five months, but during that time I’ve experienced major writers block. If you’ve ever dealt with it, it’s very frustrating.


I can’t force myself to write and I can’t force the characters to tell me their story. I’m a night writer, I enjoy it because it’s quite. There’ve been many nights that I’ve been up till 3am and only writing a few hundred words. The reason I do that is because at least it’s writing SOMETHING. I know that I’m not the only author who stares at the screen like the gif below… It’s pretty scary during those times, just watching the cursor blink at you. Taunting you. 


The good news is I feel as though I’ve broken through the worst of it. I’ve decided to remove the pressure of having Unsteady ready, before I’M READY. This book, y’all. THIS BOOK. Is everything. I want to make sure I allow it time to grow and mold into the book that it needs to be. That I NEED it to be. Once I made that choice, POOF, writers block GONE! I will still take my time with this novel and hope you love it as much as I do once it’s published.


I’m also currently working on a secret project that will be reveled in June sometime, so make sure you follow me on social media for the news! I’m very excited about it. This other author and I have been having a blast writing a RomCom!

As far as TBX goes, I haven’t forgotten about Tim and Jamie’s book – as a matter of fact I’ve started the first chapter! BUT, I have no release date as of yet. I’m hoping to have it out by the end of this year.




I’m also a part of this awesome group of authors on Facebook called HAPPY HOUR. You should totally join! (link below). You can also check out all the signings I’ll be out this year HERE. 

Make sure to follow me on social media (links below). I promise to get better at posting more often. TimeHop tells me that I use to post every time I exhaled, so I don’t know what my deal is now. I will work on this!


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