I hate running


Today I add running into my week.

Am I going to like it? That’s a hard no. I have NEVER enjoyed running. Weightlifting is a different story, I greatly enjoy that. Now, I know that running isn’t for everyone and that you should find something you love to do so that you stick to it – however, I have not gone on a run in about a year and who knows, maybe today is the day I fall in love.

Hey! I said who knows! It could totally happen. Maybe. 10% chance.

I have started writing this blog post before ANY of my daily workouts. This is when my motivation is at it’s lowest.

My workouts today are:

  • Upper body
  • Cardio
  • Go for a freaking run!

I have upped my game x2 this week!

*Eye of the Tiger plays*

I did it!


My first run in about a year. It was hard. It sucked. But it always does on day 1. I’m using the 5k app to help whip me into shape for running. Today’s run was 1 min running (x6) with 1.30 walking (x6) and 5 min warm/cool (x2). While I was running x3, I was really wanting to quit, y’all. I was letting my mind overpower my will for a split second then – BAM – my willpower took over!

I know that workouts can be hard especially in the beginning, but Y’all, I felt 200% after I finished. If all of my neighbors would have come out of their houses and applauded my effort it still wouldn’t have been as loud as the endorphins running through my body! It. was. worth. it. 

Big East Tournament Cheering GIF by BIG EAST Conference - Find & Share on GIPHY

Do I have possible shin splints in my right leg? 98% sure. Was it hard? 110% hell yes. Will I be running again? You bet your Queso!

Remember: The only cheerleader that is 100% dedicated to you –  is YOURSELF!


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