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ABF girls weekend!!/ Bookworm box signing!!

I’m in a book club. Did I ever tell you guys that? Well, I am. We call ourselves the Crazy Book Bitches, because, duh, we’re all crazy in our own ways. ¬†This past ABF was the 3rd annual and also our book clubs 3rd annual book club weekend! However, we were down a few members […]

Shenanigans at Holidays with the Belles 2016 ** GIVEAWAY **

Wow. The Belles know how to throw a signing! SO. MUCH. FUN!If you’ve never been to an event the blog host, do yourself a favor and GO! Totally worth it. I’m sad that our book world bubble has busted. A big regret I have is not taking enough pictures! As always. Shenanigans at HWTB16:   […]

New year, new website!

Hey everyone! As you can see, I’ve updated the look of my website and added a blog! I’m very excited about this new little feature and hope you are as well. 2015 was a crazy year, no doubt. I published BREAK ME and CRAVING YOU, which were major milestones for me. My brother proposed to […]