Shenanigans at Holidays with the Belles 2016 ** GIVEAWAY **


The Belles know how to throw a signing! SO. MUCH. FUN!If you’ve never been to an event the blog host, do yourself a favor and GO! Totally worth it.


I’m sad that our book world bubble has busted. A big regret I have is not taking enough pictures! As always.

Shenanigans at HWTB16:


  1. R.D. Berg makes a great partner in crime.

  2. Sometimes business meetings happen at 2 AM and confuse those who are … well, not at a business meeting at 2 AM. lol.

  3. I’m now, partly… a hugger. Never really been a hugger and it’s still slightly awkward, but thanks to Kim Holden and AMY DONNELLY, I’m working on it. Their hugs are the best.

  4. Apparently, every trip that I take to a book signing, I have issues with elevators. Long story. 

  5. 12508893_10156394465885103_90139432959435756_n It sure was fun trying to figure out what that 2 AM meeting was about. **whispers: CIA?**

  6. Dicks Last Resort is no joke


  7.  This happened ➠ 10431676_10156394465930103_2360001935481383603_n

  8. OMGosh. I used UBER! You might not think this is a big deal, but it was. Now, I’m legit.

  9. 12096461_10156394465880103_988287656395698812_n It was friendship at the first mention of alcohol, for me, I’m not sure if it’s serious for Kandi, but she’ll love me eventually or I’ll have to take up stalking… Shout out to her husband for giving me the Palm South koozie right off his beer! You guys rock!

  10. I had entirely way to much fun making new friends and hanging out. <3 I wish that i’d have taken more photos, but… MARGARITAS….  FullSizeRender-312508929_10156394465875103_9202032070766561051_n1935820_10156394465815103_8118682506404493912_n




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